3@6×6 face/people/action
Michael Jang, Hiroyo Kaneko, John Harding
March 5 - March 28, 2015

Michael Jang, Hiroyo Kaneko, and John Harding all work with medium format color film. They seek actual happenings and photograph people as they occur in front of their cameras.

Walking in crowds on Market Street, San Francisco with a Hasselblad SWC (super wide angle lens), John Harding captures people’s motions by courageously confronting them as if he is invisible.

Michael Jang got familiar with a group of teenagers–“the toughest thing that I’ve ever infiltrated”–and grasped the energy gushing out of them playing rock and roll.

Hiroyo Kaneko conducted one-to-one sessions with children and adults while they were singing in order to catch intimate moments.

Among common aspects in these three bodies of work, one fundamental feature is that all love photography but also carry an ambivalent point of view about it, between optimism and sarcasm, belief and doubt, fear and courage. This two-sidedness partly stems from the common experience of working as commercial photographers parallel to their individual art practices.

All three share with viewers joy, mystery, and humanity as it appears in spontaneous moments in the lives of the people pictured.

Curated by Hiroyo Kaneko

RECEPTION AND TALK: March 28, Saturday, 2:00 to 4:00. Talk at 3:00. Ann Jastrab, gallery director at Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, will join curator Hiroyo Kaneko in a conversation.

Michael Jang, Hiroyo Kaneko, John Harding