Bay Area
Photographers Collective

Curated by René de Guzman
May 17 - July 7, 2012

Nothing quite requires as much coincidence of opportunity, perception, and tools as a good photograph. Conditions need to be right; the artist must possess the experience and vision to sense aesthetic potential; and a camera has to be at hand to capture the image. Good pictures come from an indefinable combination of factors according to a recipe revealed by the images themselves at the moment of creation. Great photographs invent new possibilities for seeing and image making.

The photographs I’ve selected all have a sense of having just barely come together. They are not forced and have elegance. The subjects express themselves effortlessly as if they were willing collaborators with the artist. One depends on the other, and there is a balancing between preexisting situations and ones that exist because of the photographer’s ability to see. They are all improbably good like happy accidents.

Photo at top: Anthony Delgado, Easter in Sicily.

Adrienne Defendi
Anthony Delgado
Linda Fitch
Ingeborg Gerdes
Ralf Hillebrand
Barbara Kyne
Eric Larson
Thomas Lavin
Erin Malone
John Martin
Charlotte Neil
Heather Polley
Ari Salomon
Kirk Thompson
Gary Weiner

May 17, 2012 – Exhibition Opens
May 19 – Artists Reception, 7pm to 10pm
June 1 – Art Murmur First Friday Reception
June 1 – Curator talk, 6pm
JULY 7 – Exhibition Closes