Signs of Life

Opening Reception June 15, 2–5pm

Artist's Talk June 29, 3:00pm
June 7 - July 13, 2013

Robert Buelteman’s work no longer has much to do with the conventions of photography—shutter speed, exposure, aperture—and everything to do with concepts like the relationship of spirit and consciousness. He uses no camera, no lens,or digital equipment. “All the light is hand delivered,” he says. “I’m approaching raw film the way a painter delivers paint.”
To begin, he sets up a still life of the subject and places it on large-format film. Then he delivers an 80,000-volt pulse of electricity to it, illuminating the aura or corona. This part of the process is well-known as Kirlian photography. Next Buelteman uses a variety of miniature light sources to “paint” the subject onto the film, where the exposure is recorded. He says “My technique has more in common with Japanese brush painting and improvisational jazz than it does with the practices of conventional photography.”

Robert Buelteman, Arroyo Willow

Robert Buelteman, Arroyo Willow