A Street in Kyiv
April 18 - May 17, 2014

A Bit Of …

Walking through the streets of the old city of Kyiv, whether it was aimlessly or on a dutiful errand, made me wonder  how  we perceive the city around us through the subconscious registration of visual symbols or framings of a random sight. I tried to imagine and visualize how city objects catch glances of passersby while I looked into the eyes of the oncomers. Facades, murals, graffiti, installations, walkways into inner courtyards – what do they  invoke in people’s minds? A bit of personal or a bit of mystery, a bit of the usual or a bit of surprise, a bit of history or a bit of contemporary life? A Bit Of The City of Kyiv.

In his practice Yuri creates works that transform moments of observations, emotions, and experiences into a visual depiction of their subconscious and potential qualities. His work has been shown in the US and Europe. In 2013 Yuri was selected to a Short List of Artisti Premiati (Top Artists) at the V Biennale of Contemporary Art in Genoa, Italy and for the Artist Residency at the Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles near Barcelona, Spain.

Kyiv is the Ukranian spelling; Kiev is a Russian spelling.

A Street in Kyiv is shown in PHOTO’s office gallery.

Yuri Boyko, A Bit of . . . the Future