LeRoy Howard

February 3 - February 26, 2011

LeRoy Howard’s THE MOMENT re-presents classical narratives, opening them up to explore their emotional truths. He employs the composition of Renaissance paintings, Medieval altarpieces, or modern photography, and restructures the images into multi-part panels. Within each image, Howard is the actor.

“I photograph repeatedly, sometimes over many months, composing in-camera multiple exposures not entirely within my control. Nearly always naked against a dark backdrop, I rely on abstraction to remove a sense of historical place or time. My body overlaps with itself; my face recurrent,” he says. “My use of light and shadow derives from a strong interest in Butoh, Japanese post-war avant-garde dance and collaborations between these dancers and photographers. THE MOMENT is the private enactment of a one-man performance piece manifested on film.”

Most of these image result from scanning the 4×5 film, then printing on aluminum using a dye-sublimation process. The one color piece, “The Crucifixion,” originated on 4×5 color transparency film and was printed on paper, then mounted on aluminum as a triptych.

At its center, this work explores the emotional intimacy between people at a time of great stress. In spite of betrayal, violence, or the threat of death, a palpable tenderness endures.

LeRoy Howard, The Doubter